December ’16 Market Stats & Year End Report

Teton Valley 2016 Overview Teton Valley including Alta saw nearly 200 residential single-family sales in 2016, an improvement from 2015, even though inventory remains low. Condo and townhouse sales were on par with the year prior, though prices have increased in various sectors in the Valley. The number of building site sales in the Valley […]

Real property vs Real Estate and the Bundle of Rights

Alright, commonly we hear the term real estate and just assume it is just that. Property, house, something associated with improvements on land or just bare land. This is correct, any buildings that are permanently attached to the property (note that a shed on skids would be considered personal property) are referred to as improvements. […]

Building a Home? New Construction Tips, Q & A

In anticipation of new construction in the coming year, I thought I would run through a couple of frequently asked questions and provide a bit of advice for new home shoppers. Does a new home lose value? In general, real estate appreciates. We are finally seeing some new construction, and likely to see loads more […]

Settlement statement breakdown, what is a flood certification?

If you have ever obtained a loan on a property, and reviewed your settlement statement break down prior to closing, you’ve probably noticed a breakdown of fees associated with your loan. We don’t normally see some these things when it comes to cash transactions. One of those fees required by most lenders is the flood […]